Beginning May 1, 2009, as an added convenience for homeowners in your community, CDM Management offers a payment option that will automatically debit the checking or savings account of your choice for your homeowner association assessments.  CDM Management will automatically debit your bank account on the 7th day of the month in which your association dues are payable. 

The automatic debit is similar to the ones that you may use for payment of your insurance or utility bills.  The association debit will be the same amount each billing month.  The amount of debit will only change, if and when, your homeowner association dues change.  For this reason, we will only offer this payment plan to homeowners who are current with their dues.  You may discontinue this automatic debit payment method whenever you wish by contacting CDM Management.

We are excited about this new payment option for our Associations.  Should you have any questions or concerns please call CDM Management at 702-298-5592, Ext. 223.  To activate this automatic debit plan, complete the attached form and send a voided check on the account you wish to have debited. 

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Auto Debit Payment Option (Also known as ACH Payments)
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